Play for you on International Women’s Day

There is much to celebrate for Sydney Sports Management Group who run the very popular facility; Rushcutters Bay Park Tennis Centre as a group of high-profile women gathered together ahead of International Women’s Day.

An event organised by Tennis Australia saw some amazing high-profile women gather together. The ‘Play for you’ campaign features Ash Barty talking to women of all ages that they can also achieve greatness if they put all the outside pressures aside and just focus on playing for them. This powerful message continues into Tennis Australia’s messaging on social media.

“If one girl decides to play sport – or not give up playing sport – then I’ll be extremely happy,” said Barty.

Influencers, not just from a sporting background were invited to take part in this event. Not only celebrating Women, but also sharing their experiences with a group of similar like-minded ladies whom may not have had this amazing opportunity.

Among some of the featured guests were top Australian player Kimberly Birrell, lawyer-turned-“funtrepeneur” Sarah Holloway, actor Marny Kennedy, well-known presenter Candy Hertz, celebrity trainer Molly Kat Gay, American football player Tiana Penitani, surfers and social media influencers Zahalia Short And Shyla Short, along with freestyle skiers Danielle Scott and Sami Kennedy-Sim.

Read the full article thanks to Tennis Australia.



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