SSMG to rejuvenate Scarborough Tennis Courts

Sydney Sports Management Group (SSMG) has extended its partnership with Bayside Council by securing the management rights (10 years) to the Scarborough Park Tennis Courts. The courts, which have been unusable for several years, are an addition to SSMG’s Bayside Council portfolio that includes the Mutch Park Squash + Tennis Centre The courts will undergo a re-development with the draft concept designs featuring six tennis and three multi-sport courts.

SSMG is a leader in rejuvenating tennis facilities and increasing local participation with success stories that include Mutch Park Squash + Tennis Centre, Cintra Park Sports Centre and Willis Park Recreation + Sports Centre. Each of these facilities now feature, not only a vibrant tennis scene, but also social sporting competitions like futsal, netball, basketball and even beach volleyball.

Richard Price, Chief Executive, “SSMG are delighted to be awarded the contract and we look forward to continuing our partnership with Bayside Council”. Richard believes the success of its repurposing approach is a result of the company’s strong focus on delivering programs through a partnership model and building long term relationships with local schools. “Local Government recreational strategic alignment, contract management and repurposing facilities are SSMG’s strength. We leave it to our program partners to deliver high quality programs that make our facilities a success”.

“Scarborough Park Tennis Courts presents a great opportunity to get the local community including schools back on the court and also, by repurposing the courts, to increase local user groups through sports like futsal or netball”.

The Scarborough Tennis Courts will undergo three months of re-development and is anticipated to open in late 2023


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Richard Price
CEO, Sydney Sports Management Group



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