Our Value Proposition

Value Proposition

Value Proposition & Brand Values  

Sydney Sports Management Group is a dynamic and innovative partner with a core focus on personalised service delivery, agility and execution. Sydney Sports Management Group has the personnel, capability and expertise to maximise community participation and engagement (and subsequently revenue) balanced with containment of expenditure.  

We at all times align our programs and services to the unique needs of our partners. Sydney Sports Management Group personalised management philosophy allows us to adapt our programs and services to the needs of our partners and their communities.  

The value proposition is summarised in the Sydney Sports Management Group by-line of ‘Fitter, Healthier, Safer’.  

  • Fitter Communities  
  • Heathier Bottom Lines  
  • Safer Facilities  

Underpinning Sydney Sports Management Group value proposition are its brand values: 

Vibrant People – employing and developing only the most vibrant people who have a passion for customer service and a drive to succeed. 

Effective Systems – ongoing development of innovative, commercially effective systems to create the best possible results. 

Quality Programs – well managed programs that deliver results and generate loyal customers. 

Commercial Attitude – disciplined people, disciplined thought, disciplined action giving all SSMG activities a strong, progressive focus.  

Simply, Sydney Sports Management Group’s Value Proposition is that its vibrant people, effective systems, quality programs and commercial approach combines to reduce risk, improve the bottom line and ensure fitter communities. 



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